Dan Jaszka Energy Consulting


  • Audit of historical energy usage and develop procurement options
  • Energy audits and recommendations for reducing consumption
  • Lighting retrofits: energy analysis, prepare scope of work and project bidding, secure incentives to offset first costs.
  • Production exemption studies to reduce energy commodity sales tax expense
  • Energy rate analysis: proper billing rate, NYSEG high load factor analysis
  • Benchmarking energy usage for multiple similar facilities
  • Demand response opportunities in NY State

The process

With the experience gained from positions as an energy manager, project manager and director of engineering I possess a wealth of knowledge in both the demand side and procurement aspects of energy management. Having served as energy manager for several retail chains I have developed energy savings initiatives which have been rolled out to multiple locations. I have particular expertise in the supermarket industry.

The initial step in properly managing your energy purchases involves having a thorough knowledge of your organization's energy usage and costs. Without this base information you have inadequate data for making the proper decisions regarding initiatives to reduce your energy expense. Not all energy conservation measures involve capital investment. Simple initiatives can provide results. My expertise can be utilized to reduce energy expense.

Many energy conservation projects are eligible for incentives from the local utility companies and/or NYSERDA, ( New York State Energy Research and Development Authority ). I am aware of the funding opportunities which will maximize available incentives and reduce project costs for both new construction and remodels.

Knowledge of your lighting requirements is the critical initial step in lighting design. I have managed multiple lighting projects from the evaluation of the alternate lighting options, development of the scope of work, bidding of the project, contractor selection, and final inspection of the completed retrofits and collection of incentive payments.

Deregulation in the energy industry has resulted in third party procurement opportunities for both electric and natural gas commodity purchases. Fixed and variable-priced products are available as well as a direct customer approach for large users. Having previous experience as an energy manager I know the questions and uncertainty faced when evaluating commodity purchase options. My expertise can assist with these difficult decisions.

Conservation and procurement opportunities can be developed to benefit single locations, operators of several facilities or multi-store locations. My expertise will assist you in reducing and properly managing your energy expenses. Reducing your energy costs can provide an edge in the competitive marketplace.

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